香港雅丝国际时装有限公司,创立于世界时尚之都香港,拥有十多年品牌女装设计、生产、销售和管理的专业技术经验。公司旗下有“YOTAS雅艾丝”、“YOIAS”等多个高级时装品牌,聘请香港和日韩等东方著名设计师担任公司首席设计,以考究面料、精细制作及完善的管理打造出“YOTAS 雅艾丝”这一时尚成熟女装品牌。YOTAS自2008年进入国内以来,在短短几年间,已成功拓展出全国大部分地区市场,目前销售网络已遍及华东、华中、华北、东北等地,通过与优秀代理商携手开展“专卖新形象”服务,进一步提升了“YOTAS”的品牌形象和地位。

Hong Kong yotas international fashion CO., limited, founded in the world of fashion in Hong Kong, has more than ten years brand women's clothing design, production, sales, professional technology and management experience. Company's "YOTAS yaaisi","YOIAS", and other high fashion brand, such as Hong Kong and Japan and South Korea east famous designers as chief design, with elegant fabrics, fine manufacture and perfect management create "YOTAS yaaisi" mature fashion women's clothing brand. YOTAS into the country since 2008, in a few short years, has successfully developed the most regions of the country market, the current sales network has been throughout east China, central China, north China, northeast China and other places, by hand in hand with good agent to carry out the new image of "monopoly" services, "YOTAS" further enhance the brand image and position.


Yudefashion company is a Hong Kong yotas international fashion CO., limitedof the total domestic distribution and partners. For many years, the yotas fashion with its own international professional advantage, work closely with yudefashion, adhering to the excellent design and exquisite production process, will lead the fashion trend of European and American style and the aesthetic standards of contemporary Japan and South Korea ladies fashion clothing as design concept, to create a series of cater to the modern urban fashion women's clothing, meet the needs of urban mature, fashionable and successful women.







YOTAS one from Hong Kong's famous women's clothing brand;

A pursuit of high-grade, well-made, design a perfect brand;

She is elegant, concise and easy for the purpose of the design;

The western women's noble and generous and the gentleness of the Oriental female implicative ingenious fusion together;

Simple and uncommon, grave has vitality, elegant in high fashion;

YOTAS featured in Europe, Japan and South Korea the latest clothing textiles face, is the preferred brand for urban successful women.